Friday, June 26, 2009

Snap out of it!

     Michael Jackson, an enormously talented and influential pop star of mixed and increasingly dubious accomplishment, has died a premature and miserable death, as anybody with half a brain thought he likely would. And so now he’s gone.
     No doubt this is a terrible time for his family and friends.
     The rest of us: surely we can see that his death deserves little attention. It isn’t particularly meaningful or important, now is it?
     Snap out of it!
   We cannot say that we are being fooled. It is not entirely inaccurate to say that we are being "informed." … The efficient mass production of pseudo-events—in all kinds of packages, in black-and-white, in technicolor, in words, and in a thousand other forms—is the work of the whole machinery of our society. It is the daily product of men of good will. … The people must be informed!
Daniel Boorstin, 1961

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