Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, the semester begins tomorrow morning. That's likely to kick start this here blog into life again. You wait and see.

The heat makes me stupid.

Saw my brother's brats yesterday. They climbed all over me, as per usual, as though I were a carnival or a magic mountain. Wore me out. But it was good.



Bohrstein said...

So, how was the first day Chunk?

I was stressed because of my class load this year, but it feels more manageable now that I've been through the motions.

Apparently IVC brought on a new math teacher, he seems fun - I like him so far. Enough of these goobers like Hayashi.

Anonymous said...

The start of the semester has been nothing short of excellent, and I'm not even counting the fact that our "numbers" are higher than ever. Heck, we're turning students away! Don't know about the new Math instructor, but there is no reason to think he's anything less than excellent.

Anonymous said...

Hayashi had his moments, but he's not nearly as bad as everyone says. Students now are weak, and expect a friend for a teacher. Since when does an instructor HAVE to grade on a curve? Why should a math teacher give partial credit, when, if you have the correct formula, and STILL got the answer wrong? Fellow students actually yelled at the man during lecture when I took him, storming out of the room. Everyone has different levels of understanding, but when students TRY to manipulate questions to confuse him, asserting their idea that he's past his prime is wrong, and reflects poorly of the students that have been babied and swept through courses without effort or even achievement. Besdides, there are enough reports on for these kind of students to see the smoke signal saying "stay away." For those who enroll in his class despite this, and CONTINUE to stay enrolled i his class have no reson to complain since their continued attendance without withdrawing or dropping is an agreeance to his method and sylabus that is handed out on day one.

just my .02

Bohrstein said...

By the way, I don't even like grading curves, and I never criticized Hayashi for NOT giving partial credit (Come on, what do you expect from me, why do you just assume I have the same complaints as others?). I try to understand things from a professors point of view, but am I really at fault if I happen to reasonably think that they are wrong?

In my experience with the guy, nothing was really unusual from his mathematics point of view. Rarely did I think he had passed his prime. He had his off days, definitely, who doesn't? Again, that's not what we're talking about. The guy was an asshole. He bragged about his triumphs over students, and just mocked other people's points of view. He is an asshole, that's my problem with him.

Okay, and yeah, he rarely took the time to EXPLAIN something, which yes, I feel is a teachers job (If I could figure it all out on my own, I wouldn't need a teacher). If a student asks a reasonable question, and the teacher mocks them, the teacher is an asshole.

Regarding, yeah, I guess I understand that argument. However, sometimes a student (like me) is restricted to a schedule, and I can't NOT take a class, because I don't like a teacher. I have to go with it. I am okay with this. I usually feel I can get enough information from the book to pass the class, the rest of the stuff I will discuss with friends, ponder on my own, or take to an online forum. This doesn't somehow augment my perceptions of the teacher though. I don't just think magically happy thoughts because I have to take the teacher.

But man, when you have a good math teacher, and then you have a bad one, you know damned well the difference. It's not even worth arguing in my opinion. But hey, if you feel like Hayashi was good to you, then all the power to you man. I guess it's all perception based anyways.

Full of BS.

Anonymous said...


fair enough. two different (maybe rightly so) arguments. I don't believe I encountered any of what you mention, and I just finished his class two weeks ago.

certainly it is possible that I didn't experience what most have claimed to. I can see elements of it, but I believe he stopped short (in my class) of what you claim to have witnessed.

i treated the man with respect, and had no issues. I don't have an issue with a teacher being an asshole. if he teaches me what I need to pass his class. being an asshole has nothing to do with the content of the course, and usually, ones ability to instruct.

kinda like the assholes in high school. I didn't like them, but you can bet your ass I didn't make enemies of them. I made damn sure I was on the good side of those I didn't want to cross.