Thursday, July 31, 2008

My world and welcome to it*

Allow me to introduce myself

Sunny Girl (my nutty-but-sweet old cat) died maybe a month ago, and with her went all of my summertime resolve. Death hits me hard. It hits everybody hard, I know. I actually had a panic attack that day! Been better ever since though.

Sunny Girl goes to the vet:

The OC and the "board from hell"

My college district is still controlled, as it has been for many years, by local hegemonic forces, Neanderthal division. They've saddled us with an odious and incompetent Chancellor who, with the help of his trustee patrons, has brought our colleges to the brink of non-accreditation. It's stunning.

If ever you wanted to witness the spectacle of a stupefied electorate that has not a clue how things are done or what goes on, well, Orange County is the place you oughta be. It's kinda like a family in which the kids are stuck on an Infinite plastic carnival ride while mom 'n' pop, oblivious, are meditating in the bedroom or visiting Pastor Tom, who, between pontifications, is making love to farm animals.

Well, I guess I'm puttin' too much lipstick on this pig. I do that.

I don't mean to be negative. I love Orange County. I don't wanna leave. Honestly.

Despite what the rest of the country imagines (I guess), "the OC" is really two places: the older, vibrant, crumbling, chaotic north (Anaheim, etc., up towards LA) and the newer, tidier, orderly and rich south (Irvine, Mission Viejo, etc., down towards still undeveloped land). Newport Beach over to the west is sorta part of the south. It's older, and we keep some of our worst creeps there. I think that asshole Dennis Rodman is there. John Wayne, too, though he's dead and, so, not exactly a creep.

I live mostly in the south, in the mountains, a stone's throw from the Real Housewives. In fact, I routinely throw stones at 'em. (The locals know what bullshit that show is.)

As I was saying, this is one clueless populous, man. I guess that's true everywhere. But I only know here. I'll be talkin' about here.

Ten years ago, the president of my college district's board was a Holocaust-denying "eccentric":

*Note: "My World and Welcome To It" was the name of a short-lived TV program based on the sensibility of James Thurber. I remember it as being terrific, but I was just 13 when I last saw it.

In 1969, things were different:

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